Chutes & Ladders

Tonight I played Chutes & Ladders for the first time in my life. Where has this game been? It helps my daughter as she counts, helps her to follow directions, teaches her that winning is fun, but so is playing the game–I love it. Now that I think about it, where was this game when I was young? I have a sneaking suspicion it’s been around for a while.

That was such a hit we played War (you know the card game that seems to never end, each player puts down a card, whichever is larger wins, if there is a tie, then each player puts down 3 unseen cards with a fourth, face-up card on top of that) which was another great idea because each lay down was an opportunity for her to recognize each card and determine which was larger.

This is good stuff. My daughter, Alethea, loved it and we worked on learning to say “I won”, instead of “I winned.” Ahh, my English-major soul cringes. Where are my kids picking up this horrific language? Did I ever talk that way? I certainly don’t remember it! LOL; and I’m sure my wife thinks my first word was “dispensationalism” or some such blather.

One thought on “Chutes & Ladders

  1. My first word was Knicks. What do you mean ruffian – Your confusing rugged good looks with being mean!
    I can’t believe you never played chutes and ladders. you need to try High Ho Cherry-O, operation, and Mousetrap. Mouse Trap being my favorite – I had kids just so I could play it again!

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