Discovering the New Testament Anew

I wish that more people really grasped the truth contained in the following quote. I think it would change a lot of things for the better.

“…the New Testament is indissolubly bound to what Christianity has traditionally erred in calling the “Old Testament.” The New Testament as a written text is both a continuation of and a commentary on or explication of the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible. It cannot be understood without reference to the Tanakh, which provides it with its primary interpretive context. This is one of the primary justifications for our premise that the New Testament is a Jewish text. Because of this fact, the issue of exegesis or interpretation is also bound to the content and context of the Tanakh. In addition, however, our claim of a Jewish text and Jewish mode of interpretation for the New Testament is tied to the specific historical period in which its books were written and the thought of the people who wrote them, who may be accepted as authentic examples of the Jewish world of the first centuries.” – Shulam, Joseph, Hilary LeCornu. A Commentary On the Jewish Roots of Romans. pg 2

Remind Your Yeshurun, O God our God, that there is none like You Who rides in His majesty through the heights of the heavens to help us. Guide us in our distress, place our feet on Your path, as we meditate on Your laws.

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