Why the Sabbath?

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been told, “Jesus is my Sabbath. To me every day is now the Sabbath.” And while not exactly correct, this does reflect part of the truth.

Messiah has rested from His work, and we can rest in our knowledge of having received “at-one-ment” with God.

However, there is more to the story. And, as usual, Scripture repeats itself in themes, and our spiritual heritage pre-figures our future.

The day you recognized your need for a Savior and believed in the Lord, Jesus the Christ, you entered the first fruits of your Sabbath. It was the day you crossed the Jordan River. But, you’ve not yet conquered the Canaanites and occupied the Land. Our final Sabbath day will last for eternity, but does not begin in full until the return of Messiah.

In the meantime, our weekly Sabbath is to memorialize Messiah having parted the waters (atonement), and our having crossed the Jordan (justification). The fact that it ends each sundown reminds us of the ongoing work of exterminating the Canaanites (sanctification). Additionally, we celebrate with hope and heighten our anticipation of the return of Messiah, the perfecting of the work God has begun in us, and the permanent dwelling of God among men (glorification).

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