A Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Today I lift up my head and praise You. Today, Lord, I lift up my eyes and contemplate Your greatness. You are far beyond my ability to comprehend, and yet You know me intimately. Your breath gives me life each day and Your thoughts string the planets along their orbit, yet You know when a sparrow falls and when my daughter skins her knee. How wonderful are Your ways and how splendid Your steadfast, pursuing love!

You deserve praise every day. I quail at the thought of blessing You, and yet with all that is within me I do bless You. May You be exalted, may You be worshipped, may Your people give You honor, may Your creation praise Your Name.

Source of my life, turn Your eyes from my weakness, and guide me toward Your path. Extend to me Your mercy, abound to me Your compassion. I cry out to You! In humility I seek Your face; may I know You? Oh, God, I fail You—support me with Your strong right hand!

Don’t let me stray from Your path and I will trust You to lead me. But, Father, would You open to me the path ahead? You have said without vision the people perish, and I need a vision of what You have in store. I desire to labor alongside You, and some days I’m not sure at what You would have me toil. May I never stop doing what is before me today. May I be always a healing agent in this groaning world. Right-wise us soon, Great Healer! May I live to see Your kingdom established?

Thank You for the job You have given me—it is my portion. Thank You for the wife you have vouchsafed to my care and my aid—she is my delight. Thank You for the children You have blessed me with—they are my legacy.

Hear my prayer! May it be to You as an offering of my free will.

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