Tekoa is One

Well, we had Tekoa’s first birthday party Saturday after the Shabbat gathering (which went particularly well this week).  At the end of the evening, Nana and Grampa called and sang her Happy Birthday. The picture below is Tekoa listening to them on the speakerphone.  Praise the Lord for wonderful memories.

Tekoa is One

And in case you’re wondering, yes that is a new outfit she’s wearing!  Thanks to Uncle Tim and Aunt Corinna.

6 thoughts on “Tekoa is One

  1. I am envious of you for two reasons: such a beautiful child makes me desire even more of children of our own, and you have such a bangin’ beard I wished I could have one!

  2. Blessings Nate! Your children make me smile! What a darling little girl… a year, wasn’t one of my first contacts with you regarding Tekoas birth? …zoom… may HaShem continue to bless your daughter as she grows and your family continually!

  3. Wow – has it been a year already??!! She’s beautiful – Happy Birthday Tekoa!!

  4. Yes, it has been a year! Yes, it is amazing that a year of friendship between us has passed all ready, Ed! Baruch HaShem for what a year it has been!

    Jamie, I trimmed the beard significantly the next morning! You can’t see it because of Tekoa’s head, but it flipped out radically on the side and drove my wife nuts. I was over-zealous with the clippers so now I’m waiting to find that balance that pleases her and I…ah, such agonizing over a beard of all things. Do you have Native American in you, Jamie?

  5. Yes, Nate, I do, although I am not familiar with with which exact tribe. My dad says that on his mother’s side there is Cherokee. There is also some linage on my mother’s side. My half-sister looks native american, which she gets from our dad (her mother is all Irish). I tan VERY easily. I can’t grow a full beard, which I have been told is because my native American blood. However, I am not on any roll.

    We live in the heart of the native american community (Anadarko, the self-proclaimed Indian capitol of the world is the next city over, my wife taught there for two years). But, in the native american community there is no such thing as ‘half Indian’, in fact it is considered offensive to make that statement. They say you are either Indian or not. This resembles the Jewish community as well. So, by their definition, I am not Indian, as I did not grow up in this culture. My wife’s fellow teachers in Anadarko assumed I was Native American, but by cutlure I am not, regardless of what DNA I have inherited from my ancestors.

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