Well, finding myself thoroughly disgusted by Microsoft’s licensing strategies and completely frustrated with Windows Genuine Advantage (by the way, did you know that WGA meets every criteria for spyware) which never seems to work correctly and doesn’t let you update software even when you are using completely legal software, I have taken the plunge and purchased a new desktop which I subsequently removed every trace of Microsoft from and have loaded the really slick distro of Ubuntu Linux called Kubuntu.

So far everything is going well, and I look forward to exploring for myself whether switching completely to Linux is a viable option for my entire home network.

But, all that to say, if I am lagging a bit in my blogging, please be aware that I may be distracted by technology for a while here.

I hope you are doing well and that our beloved and long-suffering Father has been ever-present in your thoughts and your actions.

4 thoughts on “Ubuntu

  1. As a Microsoft widow (my hubby works for the evil empire), all I can say is – WAY TO GO!!! I was a Java developer in a former life, and I found Linux far superior. And I can add that you should see the problems the evil empire has with it’s own “software” internally – and the employees are forced to use it! I’m not bitter…honestly, I’m not…I just want to see my husband on occasion πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the software & hardware change-over!

    Shabbat shalom!

  2. Nate,
    I am not so technically inclined, should I use this on my Dell 6000 laptop, or stick with my windows XP? I have slowly been switching my time in using Explorer and Firefox. I am taking a liking to Firefox, and I am wondering if I should make a switch away from Microsoft on my operating system as well.

  3. Unless you want to spend time on technical stuff I would recommend staying on Windows XP for now. Perhaps after I’ve cut my teeth a bit more I’ll change my mind, but there are still plenty of things that take some time to figure out, not to mention a lot of programs for Windows that just aren’t going to behave the same or work at all on Linux.

    But, if you’re feeling adventurous, go for it! Just make sure you have all the system recovery cds that came with the laptop in case you need to switch back…

  4. Well,
    I tried the LiveCD of Ubuntu (I booted from the disk to try it without having to install it). Although I’d really like to get away from Windows, I don’t think anything else is going to have enough punch for me right now. It was okay, very plain, so I don’t think I will make the switch, for now. Maybe someday I’ll get that Mac I have been dreaming of.

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