My Dad

Some Things I Learned by Watching My Dad

  • There are many good things in life, but some are just not as important as others.
  • Hard work always pays off, and there is something rewarding in and of itself in working hard.
  • The Bible is the ultimate source of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and guidance.
  • A man’s priorities are reflected most accurately by what he actually spends his time doing.
  • What you really believe is evidenced by your actions.
  • A man is responsible for his family; for their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
  • No job and no “calling” supercedes a man’s responsibility for the watch-care of his family.
  • There is more shame in never trying, than in trying and not succeeding.
  • Doing a good job is a matter of respect to others.
  • Love does what it believes is in the best interest of those it loves, even when they may not like it.

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