Nothing New Under the Sun

The state of affairs today is little changed from that which has persisted for centuries.  As evidence I offer the following.  In 1923 Dr. Claude J.G. Montefiore wrote in his book The Old Testament and After:

“Jewish critics of Christianity and Christian critics of Judaism make precisely the same charges against each other. The Christian says: ‘Judaism thinks of nothing but reward. It is a low and selfish religion.’ The Jew says: ‘Christians think of nothing but saving their own souls. Christianity is a self-regarding and selfish religion.’ Yet one set of critics is as wrong as the other.”

While Jewish-Christian relations have been the emphasis of many scholarly books and conferences, the average person still thinks largely as Montefiore described above. The reality is that neither relgion is truly focused on self, but rather on the glorification of God. How then do the adherents of each come to be characterized by such a misfortunate reputation?

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