So this weekend we went on a 4 mile walk as a family.  Well, the youngest two rode in the jogging stroller (a must-have investment, by the way), while the older two rode their bikes, and Elisa and I walked.

I learned a couple things.

  1. a 4.5 year old is able to ride just fine for the 2 miles out, but he is really tired on the 2 miles back.
  2. a kid’s bike feels really light when you heft it up to your back, but 2 miles later it has somehow become really heavy!

So, the moral of the story is: life is an adventure and now that the chafing on my thighs has healed up, memory has recorded the event as positive.


To young men enamored of weight-lifting, squatting heavy seems like a great idea when you’re 21, but when you just want to go walking in a normal pair of shorts later in life, you’ll really regret those 30-inch thighs. Invest in biker shorts and talc powder now if you’re not going to believe me.


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3 thoughts on “Walking

  1. LOL

    We took a long walk this weekend as well. We took our “fat animals” – the dog and the horse (who are both quite overweight). The dog burned his tender tootsies on the hot road and still can’t walk properly yet. *shakes head* But the horse had a great time! Actually, all of us (save the dog) had a great time. Family walks are wonderful.

    LOL on the PS too. I have several friends who got into the weight lifting thing when we were younger. I can only imagine what they must look like now – and one wears a nice suit to work every day. I’m chuckling at the thought of those massive arms in a suit…

  2. Yeah…I don’t wear suits any more. They look ridiculous on me (imagine a bearded mafia goon), and I have to get them custom tailored anyway.

    The idea of your horse going on a walk with you…that’s a new one on me. I would have ridden the horse!

  3. LOL She’s too out of shape! But she was very happy to be out checking up on her neighbor friends. Today was the first time our dog could walk on all fours. *shakes head again* Oy vey! A walk “around the block” for us is about a mile and a half. That shouldn’t be too much for quadrapeds! We bipeds did great and have decided that these particular quadrapeds need more exercise. A few of our kids walk the sheep 2 miles a day – but that’s a WHOLE different topic. LOL

    Yes, some people take their children for walks, our children take our livestock for walks. πŸ˜‰ Does that make us “peculiar” (as in Ex, Deut, Titus, 1 Peter) or just plain weird (as in “you’ve got to be kidding!”)? LOL

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