My Sentiments Exactly

Close your eyes, friend, and imagine. You’re high up in the air, in an aisle seat, looking past your neighbor and out the window. Down below you is a mass of cloud cover looking like fresh snow, marbled, marked with divots and craggy monuments of white. Imagine that your understanding of reality is defined by this view: what you see out the window and what’s proximate to you there in the plane’s cabin. The airplane and its passengers are what you might call a small, unique closed system moving inside what appears to be vast space with a visible boundary of white mass below.

Many well-meaning Christians, gathered together in various sects, present Christianity in just this way. They invite you to view reality from a very small window, and they are quite certain they’re providing you with an absolute objective view of reality. If you join them, you are expected to see as the sect sees. Failure to embrace their view of reality is sometimes commensurate with failure to be a follower of Jesus. And when people say you’re not a follower and you are, it is very hurtful–and very troubling. (pg 7)

– from New Way to Be Human by Charlie Peacock

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4 thoughts on “My Sentiments Exactly

  1. Nate,

    All that I can say is, “Wow!”

    What a sad but true commentary of the state of the Body of Messiah today.


  2. The second paragraph above strikes me as an accurate description of the “Twelve Tribes.”

  3. In a way, yes, it does describe the 12 Tribes. However, it never feels the same way from them as it does from most Christian groups with this affliction.

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