Adjusting Perspectives

This is the reason many of us who are post-evangelical shake our heads when we are accused of abandoning the faith. What we are abandoning is the starvation and deprivation of faith. What we are looking for is the soil where faith will take root, grow deep and bear much fruit. We seek nothing more or less than what Jesus meant when he invited us to abide in him.

– Michael Spencer, aka Internet Monk

I’m slowly laboring over a Statement of Belief for King Messiah Fellowship, and there is one paragraph that I’m really liking, and I thought I would share it here and see what kind of feedback it gets.

We believe the Bible is a revelation of the righteousness of God, and a description of the lifestyle of the redeemed community throughout history. While God’s commandments are to be considered prescriptive, we acknowledge that they require adaptation from generation to generation. (Matthew 5:17–19; 2 Timothy 3:16–17)

4 thoughts on “Adjusting Perspectives

  1. i really appreciate Spencer’s posts as well. i think the same is true for me…i am not abandoning the faith, but rather seeking to fulfill it.


  2. Of course. Abandoning the faith is the last thing that would occur to us, but being dissatisfied with the living out of the Christian faith that tanked the lives of our parent’s generation and a majority of our generation–that I’ll own up to immediately!

  3. Hmm, i’m sitting here with several scriptures on the tip of my tongue after reading that. I like that statement of faith, because of several things:

    It mentions commandments being prescriptive, and community and redemption as a result of the scriptures and lastly it cries for a making over of halacha in our modern days.

    I think i very much like it. On the surface it doesn’t seem like much, but i think that may only serve to draw others in. It’s uncomplicated.

    Shalom my friend,

  4. hello, no direct comment but do you have an email address or some way that i could contact you. i’ve been reading your blog stuff for a while, and i have a lot of questions concerning torah and the life of a follower of Christ. it would be great to bounce some of these off of you. also, are you a part of the ateret yeshua community?

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