Heard in the Long Home

Things that cracked me up at the Long home.

“Dad, why do I feel so wake-ish up-ish?” – Ethan at 12:05 am

This one came from Elisa while she changed yet another diaper (sung to the familiar tune):

“When the pee fills your pants/And you can’t seem to dance/It’s amore.”

3 thoughts on “Heard in the Long Home

  1. Nate,

    I’ll respond with a fun story from the Sperry homefront:

    The other night, Brooke took the kids to McD’s (a maybe semi-annual event) for $1 happy meals…well, the deal was that they had to eat all their food before they opened their surprises. The girls had no trouble with this, but Judah dawdled, taking a bite out of each of his McNuggets. Brooke momentarily left the room, and when she came back, his food was all gone. (this was not much of a surprise, because, as a 2-year-old boy, he can get A LOT in his mouth at once.)

    Well, a few minutes later, our oldest went to Brooke to tell her that Judah had something in his chocolate milk…

    You guessed it! He shoved all his chicken through the lid of his cup & now had chicken & chocolate milk!

    LOL! good times!


  2. Kara has mastered bathroom humor. At 5 months old we were recently at a restaurant when Papa picked her up and asked, “How’s my baby girl?” Of course, she replied with a hearty raspberry from the opposite end. Dad replied, “I guess she already had dinner. We laughed for a good while.

  3. Sounds like Judah is a crafty one, Aaron. The questions is, did Brooke make him eat chocolate chicken? lol

    Jamie, you know you’ve got a good one when they have a sense of humour at 5 months!

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