Applying God’s Word

I was reading the paper “Penultimate Thoughts on Theonomy” by John M. Frame and thoroughly enjoying his comments when I ran into the following. Those of you who read this blog frequently and even more those of you who attend King Messiah Fellowship will probably get a kick out of understanding why I was so tickled by the following observations.

In the application of Scripture, there is never unity without diversity or diversity without unity. Every law of Scripture must be applied to situations. Since every situation is different, every application is somewhat different. On the other hand, since all Scripture is God’s word, all applications have one thing in common: they are applications of the Word of God, applications of a fundamental unity. Rhetoric, therefore, which denies unity or diversity is misleading. Contrary to theonomic rhetoric, there is always “change” from one application to the next of the same law. Contrary to anti-theonomic rhetoric, all of God’s word must be brought to bear upon all of human life (Matt. 4:4).

I like to say, “unity does not require uniformity.” But that’s not the only principle which felt like I was reading my own words. What else do you think had me cheering?

5 thoughts on “Applying God’s Word

  1. Hello Nate ~

    I tried to follow the link to the article but it took me “nowhere”. πŸ™‚ I’d like to read that article for myself, if possible. It sounds good.

    Blessings ~

  2. Thanks. I hope to be able to read it this weekend. Thanks for sharing it.

    Shabbat Shalom, a little early ~
    Lisa & Family

  3. LOL, perhaps it was this sentence:

    “..but I have learned never to regard any of my analyzes as
    final. Hence, I call these “penultimate.””

    That’s just knowing you as a person.
    Just kidding though! I think it was this sentence:

    “Every law of Scripture must be applied to situations”

    When one loves God and Loves his neighbor, you can’t go wrong.


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