Why I Use Logos Software’s Libronix Digital Library

The Libronix Digital Library System from Logos Software, affectionately known as “Logos” to most users, is second to none in Bible Study software. Apologies to Accordance and Bibleworks users, but no one–and I mean no one–has the breadth of resources available to Logos users. Some Accordance users might gripe that they are Mac enthusiasts, but I’m writing this from my Macbook and the Logos Mac ver 1, Alpha 9 is open and running well as I write this. (Some of my newest purchases don’t work in it yet, but it’s an alpha; I’m confident that will be fixed by the time it hits beta.)

If I remember correctly, I was introduced to the Libronix Digital Library through my purchase of the New American Standard Electronic Bible Library and the Jewish New Testament Commentary on cd, both of which used the LDLS software.

I officially became a Logos customer on November 20, 2003. Something I only know because Logos kindly informs me of this fact at the top of the “My Account” page on their website (a site I’ve found incredibly user-friendly and helpful). My original order was $12.95 for Does Jacob’s Trouble Wear A Cross? by Randy Weiss. Then on April 13, 2004 I purchased Jewish Sects of the New Testament Era also by Weiss and The New Testament Milieu edited by A.B. DuToit. 

I was a huge e-Sword user at the time, and I didn’t really begin to use Logos for day-to-day bible study until they came out with the Lexham Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible (a resource I highly recommend). 

Here’s one thing you need to know about the Libronix Digital Library going into it, however. They offer these pretty hefty libraries that provide a ton of resources bundled for one price. Up front it seems like too large an investment, but I learned the hard way that you end up purchasing individual resources one or three at a time and it quickly adds up to much more than you would have spent by biting the bullet and purchasing whichever of the libraries makes the most sense for you.

I began with the Leader’s Library and just recently upgraded to the Scholar’s Library: Silver. But what really got me rolling was a little secret you need to know about: the Library Builder! I believe Bob Pritchett (the founder and President of Logos Software) started this with Library Builder Volumes 1-3 for Christmas 2006, but I jumped on the bandwagon with Volumes 4-6 around Christmas 2007. I don’t remember exactly how many books this gem of a purchase opportunity provided but just Volume 4 contained 121 books. Unfortunately, this resource was retired January 1, 2008, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t Library Builder: Vols 7-9 available for a short time near Christmas 2008.

Here’s some of my favorite purchases from Logos Software:

One of the things I like about Logos is that I can often find little known or hard to find resources like all 57 volumes that A.W. Tozer wrote or Moule’s The Epistle to the Romans. Moule was the former Bishop of Durham (a post now occupied by N.T. Wright) and his book on Romans is a classic published in 1928. You can buy it on Amazon for $12.99 or pay $2 more and get the searchable electronic edition from Logos.
There’s a lot more to tell you about Logos but I’ll save that for another post. Suffice it to say there are some great ways to save significant money!

8 thoughts on “Why I Use Logos Software’s Libronix Digital Library

  1. I too am an avid Logos user and is the only reason I keep a PC in my house. I had tried the first alpha release of Logos for Mac and wasn’t too pleased with the bugs. But it sounds like those have been fixed. I’ll have to redownload it. I can’t wait until the beta version.


    Shabbat Shalom from MO

  2. Seth, there are definitely still some bugs. Newer releases are not yet seen by the Mac alpha, and a lot of the functionality is limited, but it is coming along nicely.

  3. I have used the Logos system for PC for many years (1994) in one form or another. When Libronix was first introduced I jumped on the bandwagon and was not disappointed. I recently was “forced” to purchase the Scholars Silver library + the ISBE when my home burned down and destroyed all my materials. I use the beta 3 release at my work, but I am not too thrilled since it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles and crashes when I go into some resources. I will probably stay with the PC version which is all and more than I could ever desire. It is the Rolls Royce of Bible programs worth more than I can ever state in its ability to help me produce well-researched Bible studies in far less time than I was able to do in seminary.
    The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

  4. Sadly, the A.W. Tozer library is priced at $399.95 from Libronix and contains the same 57 volumes that we can get for $35.95 if we buy the Cross/Bible Explorer version at http://rejoicesoftware.com/tozer.htm

    I recently spent an extra $200 on some Baptist History sets and books from Libronix that I later found much less expensive from a different software brand. I overspent by an additional $200+ because I didn’t shop around before I purchased.

    I have used Logos/Libronix for over 12 years, but this type of price disparity causes me to have second thoughts. I do not mind paying a few extra dollars to maintain everything in one electronic library. However, it is ridiculous to spend an extra $350 for Tozer’s books in Libronix when I can have them on my computer with a different Bible Software for only $35.95.

  5. And indeed, I didn’t pay $399.95 for the A.W. Tozer library! I got it on pre-pub for significantly less, but you’re right, there’s no comparison b/w $400 and $35.95. However, there is a similar disparity between the number of titles available for Libronix and those available for Bible Explorer.

    I noticed that Norman Geisler’s I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist is $11.95 for Bible Explorer and $12.95 for Libronix. So perhaps there is not so large a difference across the board. The 9 volume Cornerstone Biblical Commentary set is available for Bible Explorer for $199.95, while Logos has it on pre-pub for $179.95. You have to look around and it depends on what the product is. It would be interesting to know what makes the difference, however.

    As for myself, I purchase almost exclusively pre-pub offerings, and find some spectacular deals. The primary exception to that was my investment in the Scholar’s Library Silver.

  6. Can you produce LIBRONIX FOR DUMMIES?

    I’m a beginner. Bought Logos 4 Scholars and some extra books, but I have nothing showing in Libronix My Library. I’m a Mac user.

    I get some library in the Logos 4 windows but many bibles and books from the Scholars are missing.

    1) Will I have to download Scholars again to get it into My Library?

    2) When I downloaded my new book, it turned up as garbage on my desktop. How do I get that download to go to the Libronix file?

  7. Ron, since the release of Logos 4 I feel like the dummy! It has a ton of apparently cool features, but I’m finding it enormously frustrating to have to figure out how to accomplish basic things that were user-friendly and apparent in Libronix 3.

    I can’t really answer the questions you posted above, but if you click on the “Forums” link at the top of the left-hand side of http://www.logos.com page that is the best place to find answers on the Mac product.

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