Prayer and Fasting

a quote from Andrew Murray

Prayer needs fasting for its full growth. Prayer is the one hand with which we grasp the invisible. Fasting is the other hand, the one with which we let go of the visible. In nothing is man more closely connected with the world of sense than in this need for, and enjoyment of, food. It was the fruit with which man was tempted and fell in Paradise. It was with bread that Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. But He triumphed in fasting. . . .Fasting helps to express, to deepen, and to confirm the resolution that we are ready to sacrifice anything, even ourselves, to attain the Kingdom of God. And Jesus, Who Himself fasted and sacrificed, knows to value, accept, and reward with spiritual power the soul that is thus ready to give up everything for Him and His Kingdom.

With Christ in the School of Prayer (Springdale, PA: Whitaker House, 1981), p 100-101.

2 thoughts on “Prayer and Fasting

  1. Great quote. I’m challenged to fast more often. This is an issue that I have been wrestling with, and Mr. Murray has encouraged me greatly. Thank you for sharing Nate!

  2. Sometimes it’s nice to know that you’re not practicing spiritual disciplines alone. If you would like to join us, the guys at King Messiah Fellowship fast each Thursday/Friday. We eat Thursday lunch and then break our fast for Erev Shabbat dinner on Friday.

    It has not only the standard benefits of fasting, but it helps heighten our anticipation of Shabbat!

    By the way, there’s a great collection of quotes about fasting at the back of John Piper’s book, A Hunger for God.

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