Crossway & the ESV

Do you remember my posts about the forthcoming ESV Study Bible, here and here? My first post mentioned that I’m decidely not a fan of the artwork for the hard cover edition of the ESV Study Bible (they put that orange triangle on the cover of the TruTone editions as well–I just don’t get it), and my second post mentioned in passing that I’m planning to buy the Hardcover edition anyway and just take the dustjacket off.

Today I received an email from a Customer Service Rep at Crossway who took the time to read my post(s) and then was kind enough to give me the heads up that the artwork is printed on the hardback itself, not just on the dustjacket.

That information itself is very disappointing, but I’m so impressed that they took the time to contact me (he had to figure out how to do that, by the way, as I don’t have my email anywhere on my blog) that it’s quite taken the sting out of the ugly, juvenile artwork.

So, here’s one more reason to use the ESV: it’s backed by an impressive organization of people who legitimately care about their customer.

I would dearly love to see an alternative with a sense of respectability. However, as I mentioned to the gentleman from Crossway, I’ve all ready placed a pre-order with and I’m not going to cancel it. After all, what you really care about in a study bible is the interior content–and that promises to be top-notch.

Learn more about the ESV Study Bible

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