Graduation from the Law?

When you learn to shoot a jump shot, you don’t abandon the lay-up. When you learn to parallel park, you don’t stop parking in parking lots. If you are smart, when you graduate from High School, you don’t abandon all that you learned there. 

When one understands the “higher consciousness” of love that the Law of God describes, this does not mean that one then abandons the building blocks!

If you are in Messiah, then you have been grafted into the commonwealth of Israel and their Scriptures are now yours, whether you like it or not. You are blessed to participate in their inheritance.

Note that it is a “commonwealth.” If you were born a Gentile, you are not now a Jew; you maintain your own ethnicity, but you have become part of the spiritual administration of Israel/God’s people. God doesn’t have multiple brides. He welcomes all into His one people – Israel. There are those who are Israel after the flesh and those who are Israel by way of naturalization–your citizenship has been transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.

You once were a stranger to the covenants of promise and far from God, but now you have been brought near to God, and are a participant in the promise(s) of God.

One thought on “Graduation from the Law?

  1. It may be accurate to say that the Israel God desires is a “mixed salad” kind of Israel, rather than a melting pot. Yet, knowing Paul’s analogy of the olive tree, that mixed salad is nothing more than an olive salad. All are olives, but there is a wide variety of olives in that salad!

    From a person who passess on olives–I guess I need to pray that the Lord gives me more refined taste buds!

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