What I’m Talking About

I pasted the text of my blog posts from 2006 through today into the generator at wordle.net in order to see visually what the content of my posting tends to be about. No revolutionary surprises, but it is interesting.

For those of you not familiar with the concept of tag clouds, the larger the word the more often it is used. All in all, I think those are the concepts I would have hoped I was focusing on the most.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Talking About

  1. Nate,

    How interesting! I’m going to try this with my posts too, hope you don’t mind that I copied your idea. This is a fun concept . . .but informative all the same.



  2. Not at all; I borrowed it from someone else too. I first saw this on the ESV blog. They did a wordle of the Psalms and one of the entire Bible…or of the 2nd Testament, I forget. Anyway, it was interesting.

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