Making a Dad’s Day

After lunch today, Ethan and I dropped off at the barber shop and then walked home after our haircuts. Here was the highlight of our conversation for me:

Daddio: So, Bud, what do you think you might want to do when you grow up?

Ethan: I don’t know. Hang out with you and watch football.

I watch 3 or 4 football games a year, but hey, I’ll plan on watching more right now!

I also had to chuckle when we were discussing how it’s polite for a man to walk closest to the road when he’s walking with a lady, but that conversation stopped abruptly when Ethan spied two dirt bikes on a trailer parked alongside the road.

Ethan: Daddio, I want one like that blue one.

Daddio: That would be pretty cool.

Ethan: Yeah, and I’ll get you one like that red one.

How can you argue with those plans? Sounds like I’m going to become a dirt bike rider.

4 thoughts on “Making a Dad’s Day

  1. That’s awesome Nate! Being a dad is tops in my book.

    When Peter was young we used to have moments like that. And, now that he is older – we still have our special Father-Son times and moments. The things is… as a Dad you have to make sure you make time for them, especially as they get older. Your children are the most important thing and worth every moment you spend with them.

    Maybe some Sunday we can do a Father-Son football day at our home. Colts vs. Anybody, refreshments and 50″ of high definition football action. (Courtney, you can come too…)

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