Understanding the “Tutor” Analogy

When someone graduates from under a tutor, that person (if they’re wise) does not subsequently abandon the lessons they were taught.  When you learn to shoot a jump shot, you don’t forsake the lay-up. When you learn to parallel park, you don’t stop parking in parking lots. When someone understands the "higher consciousness" of love that the Law of God describes in specific scenarios, this does not mean that it is now appropriate to abandon the building blocks!

We have been grafted into the commonwealth of Israel and their Scriptures are now ours also. We are privileged to participate in their inheritance. Note that it is a "commonwealth," if someone is of Gentile descent they do not become a Jew. We maintain our ethnicity but become part of the spiritual administration of Israel/God’s people. God doesn’t have multiple peoples; He welcomes all into His one people – Israel. There are those who are Israel after the flesh and those who are Israel after the heart.

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