Elorah’s Healing

This is the third time that this has happened, but on the two previous occasions I neglected to write it down.

On Saturday, December 21 Elorah came down with a cold. We took her to the doctor and they put her on an antibiotic in order to prevent the ear infection that was all ready forming. By Sunday night she was very bad, having difficulty breathing, continually coughing and often choking on what she brought up.

We were staying in a hotel in Shipshewana, IN because we had been without power since 7:00 Friday morning, due to an ice storm and the severe cold (it was -6 degrees). I put my hand on Elorah’s head and prayed earnestly for God to heal her during the night. I did not command, I petitioned, but I asked specifically that God Who is the Great Healer would take away Elorah’s congestion and return her breathing to normal. I also asked that He would send ministering angels to surround, protect and cover Elorah with their wings.

Monday morning Elorah woke up with the fever broken, and markedly improved. By Monday afternoon, she was clearly back to normal except for a residual cough every once in a while as her body continued to clear out the congestion that had built up.

Others may doubt, but as the one who was involved it is clear to me that God healed Elorah in response to my specific prayers to this end. I give Him the glory, and am enormously thankful. Given that any fever puts Elorah in grave danger of a repeat seizure (her first one was 45 minutes long), any illness is of great concern to us.

Lord of Life, I am grateful for Your intervention in our lives and particularly in Elorah’s life. Thank You for being so gracious to us; I know that Elorah is a gift from You. All glory to the Sovereign of the Universe Who lovingly cares for His creation.