Growing Up

While we were putting the kids to bed, Elisa reached out and tousled Ethan’s hair and said:

Elisa: “Don’t grow up too fast, bud.”

Ethan: “Ok.”

Ethan: “Mom, you can’t grow up too fast.”

Elisa: (laughing) You’re right, son.

Daddyo: (laughs all the way out of the room and down the stairs)

One thought on “Growing Up

  1. Kids are too cute with what they say sometimes, and so close to the truth.
    Our son, Mikah recently said something similar, as we were traveling, and playing “I spy”

    Mom: “OK, so now it’s my turn again”

    Mikah: “Yeah”

    Mikah: “Mom, make it easy on me, I’m just a kid…”

    Mom: “Ok, I’ll make it easy on you”… (laughing for quite some time)

    After reading your little snip, it crossed my mind to ask God to make it easy on me, after all i’m just a kid to Him…..

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