Who Said It?

“Freed from the impossible task of mastering death, we can live in the shadow of death in a redeemed and redemptive manner.”

7 thoughts on “Who Said It?

  1. I don’t think so. It might actually have been me; I wrote it down without attributing it to anyone. It sounds to me like something Dwight Pryor would say.

  2. I thought you were asking the question “Who said it?” looking for the correct answer, not wanting help remembering who said it. LOL.

  3. Actually, come to think of it, the statement is pretty profound, so the mostly likely person who would have said it would have been me.

  4. whatever guys, we all know I said this the first night Joel and I met Nate (when he was ignoring me because of my profound insight).

  5. I was ignoring you because there was a booger poking out of your nose, and I couldn’t stop looking at it whenever I tried to look in your direction. So you see, really it was just my natural kindness in action.

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