I’m a Grown-Up, Daddyo

Tekoa turned 3 this past October. Tonight as I put training toothpaste on her and Elorah’s toothbrushes, Tekoa pulled out some Colgate that Ethan and Alethea use and said,

This is grown-up toothpaste. I’m a Grown-Up, Daddyo.

Thank goodness this is regarding toothpaste, but I was struck by the presumption that we all have. “I’m big enough now to know that I’m old enough to _________ (you fill in the blank).”

The thing I love (well one of the things) about God’s Torah, is that it continually reminds me that I cannot keep it. There is no honest pursuit of God’s commandments that does not drive one to their knees, “God, have mercy on me.” This is certainly one of the purposes of Torah, that we might have ” a broken and contrite heart”, a heart that God will not despise (Psalm 51:17).

I often send praise and thanks heavenward that God “knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.” (Psalm 103:14)

What a paradox God gives us!

For this commandment that I command you today is not too hard for you, neither is it far off. . . . It is in your mouth and in your heart, so that you can do it. (Deuteronomy 30:11-14)

May we keep a broken spirit and a broken and contrite heart while we pursue godliness with confidence that “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

Jesus’ Baptism

The Gospel of Mark tells us that John the Baptist appeared in the wilderness “proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.” Yet a few verses later we’re told, “In those days Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan.”

Why, I wonder, did a sinless Jesus come to be baptized by John? What does this tell us about the multiple “functions” (for lack of a better word) of baptism?


He didn’t use these words, but I just heard President Obama say,

We got into this mess by failing to be fiscally prudent; we’re going to fix this mess by postponing being prudent till the mid or long term.

Wow, what kind of day do we live in that anyone would believe that is going to work?!