Sons of Korah

I’m a huge fan of the band Sons of Korah. They take the NIV Psalms and put them to music–excellent music. In one sense it’s almost a shame to get hooked on Sons of Korah because a lot of contemporary worship music seems shallow in comparison (who could compete with inspired lyrics?). But, having been blessed by the Psalms set to phenomenal music, I sure wouldn’t go back. This is music to enjoy when you’re relaxing, music to flee to when the world gets crazy, music to encourage when your down, music to celebrate when you want to praise, and music to meditate upon when you’re reflective. It’s music to make a part of the fabric of your life.

The Australian group have put out 5 discs: Light of Life (1999), Redemption Songs (2000), Shelter (2002), Resurrection (2005), and Rain (2008).

I was contemplating writing a detailed review, but then stumbled across someone else having already done so. Check out Tim Nichols’ detailed descriptions at

The Sons of Korah website says this about their music:

Sons of Korah believe that the psalms contain a particularly pertinent message for today. They are the supreme biblical portrayal of the spiritual life in all its facets and dynamics. They speak powerfully to a postmodern world that is generally more interested in what the biblical faith looks like from the inside than its abstract doctrinal expression. And for the church today the psalms present a compelling challenge to the often one-dimensional and romanticized spirituality that we find it so hard to move beyond. The psalms portray a rich, multifaceted and real spirituality. They speak powerfully to those who are well acquainted both with the sting of a cursed world and the sweetness of God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ. The psalms were originally written as songs and they were intended to be used. They have a role in the spiritual life and they perform this role as songs. The best way to meditate on God’s word is to use music and indeed this was one of dominant original purposes of the psalms. Sons of Korah invite their listeners to discover, through their music, the way in which the psalms can impact our lives today.

2 thoughts on “Sons of Korah

  1. Nate,

    Thanks for the mention. Always a pleasure to encounter a fellow fan of the Sons of Korah — and a fellow devotee of worship through the Psalms. Too few of us about.

    His forever,
    Tim Nichols

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