Life is Not Fair

All of us probably remember a specific moment from our childhood when some adult told us, “Life is not fair.” Most of us decided that was the way of the world and we better get used to it. A few of us, reject that reality and become somewhat awkward to be around.

Too often we teach our children coping mechanisms. The world is not fair so get used to it, prepare yourself to be disappointed, and then when the inevitable injustice happens it won’t disturb you so much. Very practical but not very Christian.

The problem with remaining indignant that the world is not fair is that it means you become sort of a walking wounded. Hmm…who does that remind me of? The permanent incarnation of Messiah is a man with wounds in his wrists and feet. A man who wept when his friend Lazarus died—even though he knew that in mere moments Lazarus would rise from the dead.

I’ve decided not to teach my kids to accept that the world is not fair. Obviously, I must teach them to acknowledge reality, but there is a more profound truth, the ultimate reality, the destiny of the world to come. The world is meant to be fair; injustice is not God’s design, nor His desire, and we are tasked with partnering with God in the repair of this world. Here’s to justice!!!

May I be a just servant, a just husband, a just father, a just pastor, a just friend, may my hope never flag, my faith never fail, may I be like my Father in Heaven. May His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

2 thoughts on “Life is Not Fair

  1. Ourstanding Nate. Especially in light of the vast majority of Christianity teaches that this Material world is not worth saving sinch they all go up to have a party in the sky. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. This is excellent. As a newly-wed husband this is a great perspective to keep – also as a future father. I’m finding it more and more interesting, and heart wrenching, to see our Christianity reflect the same message as the world and culture around us. This is just another example. Thanks for allowing our Master use you for this reminder and may His truth continue to liberate us all completely!

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