Idols & the Image of God

The Hebrew treated the idol-maker as a murderer and stoned the life out of him.

Would that we had such a hatred of idols. For what is an idol other than anything that replaces God in our affections; anything upon which we place our hope other than Him.

This hatred of making false images of God was in reality due to the dim unexpressed consciousness that there could be no image of God until God Himself gave that image;

Conscious that we were made in His image, we also recognized that this image was marred. Our hope then was in the โ€œAnointed Oneโ€ who would come and bear the perfect image of all that we hope for and in.

or to put it in our own religious language, they had some faint conception of the truth that they would be given a great Sacrament of God. For what we mean by Sacrament is an outward sign, apprehensible by the senses, of an inward verity, which is actually there, and that inward Reality is God.[1]

[1] W.H.G. Holmes, The Presence of God (London: SPCK, 1923), 36.

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