Today is Like Yesterday

The twenty-first century is more  like the first three centuries after Christ than any century between the fourth and  twentieth. The church has been here before.

– Rethinking Christ and Culture: A Post-Christendom Perspective by Craig A. Carter, Kindle Edition, Location 299-300

By the way, I would highly recommend this book… Here’s another good quote:

The church must accept its new situation as a minority subculture  within a pluralistic world with grace and quiet confidence.

– Kindle Edition, Location 310

If these asserstions are true, as I believe they are, then what must we do?

If evangelicals are to offer leadership to the church, we must stand in continuity with biblical and historic Christianity, a stance that will provide healing and reconciliation, both inwardly to the church herself and outwardly to the world.

Common Roots (Robert E. Webber) – Kindle Edition, Loc. 953-54

My conviction is that evangelicalism needs revitalizing. Her strong point is her grasp of the central message of the Christian faith and the zeal with which she proclaims it. Her weakness lies in the lack of a truly historic substance of the Christian gospel. Therefore, the urgent necessity of evangelical Christianity is to become a more historic expression of the faith.

Common Roots (Robert E. Webber) Kindle Edition, Loc. 955-57

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