What I’m Reading – April, 2010

Curious what I’m reading at the moment?  Here’s what’s open on my Kindle (click on the picture to enlarge):


There’s a few books missing that I’m reading in hard copy (like Jack Deere’s Surprised by the Power of the Spirit), but for the most part this is a good snapshot of what’s been capturing my attention of late.

7 thoughts on “What I’m Reading – April, 2010

  1. i’m reading a few of those same! or at least they are on my shelf to read this quarter!

  2. Excellent choices. I have a love/hate relationship with Piper; he is sometimes so excellent and other times so close, but not quite right, it just drives me nuts. His book A Hunger for God is my favorite book on fasting, but his book The Future of Justification, I just can’t figure out. On the one hand, one couldn’t ask for a better example of how to disagree with another brother in the Lord, on the other hand one would have to work at it to misunderstand N.T. Wright as egregiously as Piper does. But at the end of the day, it’s more one’s life than one’s theology that counts, I suspect, and from what one can tell from Piper’s public life he is a man of deep character, and that speaks volumes.

    How do you process reading someone who is most definitely not a dispensationalist, in the heavily dispensational environment where you work?

  3. P.S. I shouldn’t have said “hate” it’s more like a “love/consternation” relationship. I really appreciate and admire Piper, he just frustrates me at times because someone who understands so much, so thoroughly, it seems like he shouldn’t make some of the exegetical mistakes that he does. But in all fairness, that’s asking him to not be human. Piper has been a huge gift to the community of God, and I am thankful for his influence.

  4. I guess I’m not really a dispensationalist. I’m not covenent either. I don’t really know what I am (excepted grafted in). Does that make me a graftist?
    I like Pipers ability to cause me to think and question. He’s, in my opinion, our generations CS Lewis.
    I don’t always agree, but I do think.

  5. I’ll tell you what I think you are then! I believe you’re a Promise Theologian. When you get a chance pick up a copy of The Promise-Plan of God by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. You will love it–I promise (pun intended 😉

    I would consider N.T. Wright this generation’s C.S. Lewis, but Piper definitely makes one think.

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