The Centrality of Discipleship

Christianity centers upon Jesus Christ the Lord who, today and every day through the Holy Spirit, confronts everyone to whom the Gospel comes, summoning us to recognize and respond to him. He calls on us, not just to acknowledge his reality and the salient facts about him, but to exercise faith in him–that is, on the basis of the facts, to trust him–for the forgiveness of our sins; to repent–that is, to leave behind our present natural life of sin-driven bondage, and enter a new life of Christ-led freedom; and to become disciples–persons, that is, who conscientiously, as our life projects, walk with him, learn from him, worship him and the Father through him, and maintain obedience to him, conforming ourselves to his recorded attitudes and example up to the limit of the Holy Spirit’s enabling.

Grounded in the Gospel: Building Believers the Old-Fashioned Way (Kindle Edition) by Gary Parrett and J.I. Packer., location 118-28.

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