Articulating Big Thoughts in Small Pieces

Problem: the North American Church has lost her identity and forgotten her calling

Result: the North American Church is no longer identifiably distinct from the world

Solution: Remind the Church who she is; teach her God’s calling and God’s ways

Method: change beliefs by teaching and modeling seemingly new information and new practices

Catechesis – what’s old is new again…our Ancient Future.

5 thoughts on “Articulating Big Thoughts in Small Pieces

  1. Just wondering if you’ll update us on your thoughts from almost a year ago on the Wesley Study Bible? Loved your original review and thought the re-bind looked good. Was surprised to find out that it had a sewn binding too.

    T <

  2. Well, the binding is holding up well, it’s a pleasant to use hard-bound Bible. I’ve been mostly disappointed in the notes, however, as they are rarely extensive.

    I must say however, that I’m profoundly spoiled by the ESV Study Bible, which is the best study bible ever produced to this point in history. However, if you’re Armenian in theology it may bother you a bit…which means that it would be nice if the Wesley Study Bible were more thorough.

    Overall, I’d say the Wesley Study Bible is more of a curiosity than a worthwhile purchase…although I should caveat that I’m approaching this from the perspective of a scholar rather than an average joe…so, for the average, attend Sunday School, want to read my Bible regularly person, it may be quite a nice breath of fresh air compared to the wealth of resources geared toward the Reformed perspective. On the other hand, the NRSV is hardly the best translation available today, so that is also a downside.

  3. Shalom, Dan! I don’t believe you would appreciate The Wesley Study Bible that much, especially since on top of the cost of the bible, you would end up having to pay for the cost of a re-bind.

    If you’re looking for a study bible, I do think you would greatly appreciate The ESV Study Bible, The Archaeological Study Bible, or The NASB Study Bible. All 3 are a worthwhile purchase, and have advantages in their own right.

    Of the 3, the ESV is the best translation and has the most copious notes. The Archaeological is the NIV, which is not my favorite translation, but the historical/archaeological information is priceless, and it is edited by a scholar sympathetic to the Torah movement, Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

    The NASB Study Bible by Zondervan gets a runner’s up place.

  4. Thanks brother for the info. I will check them out.

    May you and yours have an easy fast.

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