Modern Israel’s Requirements for Physical Security

Comments on the Middle East Conflict are often confused by discussions of whether things are being viewed through a religious, secular, cultural or political lens. For Christians, all things should be viewed first through a religious lens, for nothing is more important than God’s perspective. After all Truth itself may be properly defined as: “Reality, as God perceives it.”

However, it can often be confusing to try to decipher the various ways of looking at this complicated conflict. The following video takes a perspective that focuses exclusively on the natural right of all nations to defend themselves, and the subsequent reality facing the State of Israel.

Of course the conversation can be complicated, but ask yourself this: did the entire world believe in the aftermath of World War II that it had a natural, humanitarian responsibility to provide a national homeland for the Jewish people? Yes, all reasonable men and states the world over came to this conclusion (the exception was the Arab Higher Committee and the various states of the Arab League, who claimed all of Palestine). Now that we have resolved the question of whether the Israeli State ought to exist, let’s move on.

Does every state have the right to defend itself from attack? Of course. Does Israel, in light of recent history, have justification for being concerned about its security? As has been amply demonstrated by historic events (1948 Arab Israeli War, the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, etc.), it does. So…let’s take a geography lesson.

Much more could be said, of course, but at times we need to focus on one simple idea at a time.


(This video was produced by The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.)