Six Essentials for a Robust Biblical Theology

Dwight Pryor gave six essentials for a robust biblical theology:

  1. The holiness of the the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob
  2. The Jewishness of Jesus
  3. The continuity of revelation
  4. The centrality of community
  5. The corporeality of the Spirit
  6. The priority of the Kingdom

2 thoughts on “Six Essentials for a Robust Biblical Theology

  1. AndrΓ©-Philippe Therrien 01/20/2019 — 4:53 PM

    Great list! What does the corporeality of the Spirit mean?

  2. Yes, that is a strange phrase isn’t it? How can a spirit be corporeal? Well, one definition of corporeal is: having a body. The Spirit of Christ has a body and it is us. Therefore, the Spirit is present in each of us believers and in the midst of us corporately. Especially considering that this point follows “the centrality of community” it is very important.

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