Maxims from My Dad

Some of these I heard my Dad say often. Some of them I distilled by watching his life.

A man accepts responsibility.

There is no authority without corresponding responsibility (and vice versa).

If you don’t work, you don’t eat.

Be serious about staying unstained by the world. (His favorite illustration of this was making a batch of brownies, emphasizing the various portions of multiple ingredients, and then asking the audience if they minded just a tiny bit of dog poo mixed in.)

Hard work is satisfying.

Love does what is in the loved one’s best interest, not necessarily what makes them feel good at the moment.

A man rises early.

A godly man starts his day in God’s word.

A responsible man prepares ahead of time for financial realities by saving appropriately. “Don’t let that money burn a hole in your pocket.” was a phrase I heard frequently, and that I think came from my grandfather.

Save separately for short term and for long term goals.

No matter how intelligent you are there is great pride in manual labor.

Treat your wife the best you possibly can; skimp on yourself.

Giving limits is a loving act.

Always be inclined to explain.

Never speak ill of someone else.

Recount stories that reflect well on someone else often.

Be always willing to learn, but don’t fear to question conventional wisdom.

What you have been given, labor to improve it.

Childhood is the time when you train for adulthood. Prepare your children for life!

Loving and serving God takes precedence over all else.

Love of God and man is best expressed by action and affirmed in words, not the other way around.

Be hard on yourself; be patient with others.

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