The doctrine of the republication of the covenant of works in the Mosaic covenant is inimical to Gospel understanding and application. There is a reason why Two Kingdoms proponents like David VanDrunen and Michael Horton are aligned with attempts to rewrite Reformed theological history to present the doctrine of the republication of the covenant of works as the “orthodox” Reformed perspective. Follow John Murray and Cornelius Van Til here, not J. V. Fesko or Guy P. Waters.

While the doctrine of republication is not a theological novelty, it is far from being part of the warp and woof of Scripture. Rather, it warps the loom of Scripture and distorts sound doctrine. Turretin is misunderstood to support a republication of the covenant of works, but Charles Hodge does speak in this manner. It is instructive to note therefore that some of Hodge’s most influential student descendants did not maintain Hodge’s emphasis, but rather corrected it.

Professor John Murray would have been warranted to speak with greater emphasis when he said, “The view that in the Mosaic covenant there was a repetition of the so-called covenant of works…is a grave misconception and involves an erroneous construction of the Mosaic covenant, as well as fails to assess the uniqueness of the Adamic administration. The Mosaic covenant was distinctly redemptive in character and was continuous with and extensive of the Abrahamic covenants.” (“The Adamic Administration”)

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