Two Sides of Desire

Capitalism predicates ambition, which is a God-given desire. The twisting of that desire is what we call “greed.” This is the case with literally everything. God creates desire; we are, in fact, desiring beings. If there was no raw ambition/desire everyone would die because no one would be motivated to rise, gather wood, and start a fire. But desire unrestrained (like fire, or the tongue) burns down the world.

We can demonstrate this with almost anything one wants to pick. We should desire a wife; we should not desire additional women. We should desire the benefit a horse provides, but we should not “multiply” horses, so that our hope is in them rather in God. We should desire to provide for our loved ones and to nurture God’s creation to greater yield (be fruitful and multiply), but we should not “love” money. We desire money (increase), rather, because we love our children and our wife, and because we are created to be gardeners, who tend in order to produce/multiply.

Nothing God created is evil; rather the twisting of what God created for good to inappropriate intent is what is evil. Desire is good; unrestrained desire is evil. Ambition vs. Greed. Hunger vs. gluttony. Love vs. Lust. etc.

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