Christ is the Goal | the Means | the Help

Still true; and not just for the Israelites, but also for us, who are now part of the Commonwealth of Israel. We don’t foolishly import Bronze Age applications of God’s character to the 21st century, but we do struggle with how specific case laws ought to guide our application of the same, enduring moral laws to our day.

The law of God is the application of God’s character to mankind’s circumstances, and is eternally prescriptive, through myriad examples. God’s character exists to normalize our behavior. He, in other words, is the Standard to which we norm.

He ended our condemnation so we would have the freedom to stumble after Him in imitation. Evidencing your allegiance will be to your good. Get after it. He is the Goal; He is the Means; He is the Help. (“I am the way, the truth, and the life.”)

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