My name is Nate Long.


I’m married to an amazing woman named Elisa, and we have four delightful children.

This blog is primarily a place for me to process the content of what is teaching me; to keep a record of the thoughts prompted by the books I read, the events that affect me, and the people who impact me. If you are blessed by peering in the window of my thought life, then the effort is twice a blessing.


Though I would never lay responsibility for my conclusions at their feet, I have been significantly influenced by Dwight Pryor, Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., J.I. Packer, and Dallas Willard. We are attempting to fashion a family tradition informed by the riches of Christians who have gone before us with a sensitivity to the Hebraic Roots of the Christian faith, but steeped in a love for, faith in, and loyalty to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I practice a grammatico-historical hermeneutic, and feel at home within the greater Reformed stream. Technically a Reformed Anglican, I am attempting a synthesis informed by Epangelicalism, Theonomy, and Reformed evangelicalism. I’m a presuppositionalist who values evidence, and an historic premillenialist who is sympathetic with postmillennialism.

I believe that God has only one covenant people, “the Israel of God,” which consists of all who are “in Christ” from every era, whether Jew or Gentile. I also believe that Israel has a divine right to dwell in the land of promise, ultimately contingent not upon their faithfulness but upon God’s promise, and that all believers—regardless of ethnicity—will inherit the new earth when Messiah sets up the Millennial Kingdom following the Second Advent.

Readers of my blog may recognize a relationship with the thoughts of Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Charles Simeon, John Murray, J.I. Packer, Michael F. Bird, John Wesley, Richard Hooker, Cornelius Van Til, N.T. Wright, Anselm, Thomas Oden, R.J. Rushdoony, the Apostolic Fathers, and the Puritans. A list this diverse reveals the orthodox synthesis that informs my reading of Scriptures. In agreement with Calvin, and so many other faithful teachers, I believe in the classic threefold use of the Law, which points us to Christ as it reveals sin, restrains evil, and instructs the redeemed.

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