True or False?

This is purely a guess, but I would guesstimate that 85% (probably even higher) of the people I know (Christian and non-Christian) would either outright agree with, or feel pretty sure that some or all of the following seven statements are pretty much agreed upon by everyone and must be right.

  • The government can’t legislate morality.
  • No one should force their morals on anyone else.
  • As long as I don’t hurt anyone else, the government should leave me alone. Whatever consenting adults do is OK.
  • We’re a pluralistic society. We fundamentally disagree on values, so there are no common values to legislate.
  • Legislated morality is not enforceable because the government can’t force people to be good—just look at Prohibition!
  • We can’t legislate morality because doing so involves religion, and that’s a violation of the separation of church and state.
  • Laws can’t change hearts.

I bet you agree with at least a couple of those don’t you? Perhaps a couple of those make you feel uncomfortable, but you have no idea how to argue the opposite?

Guess what? Every single one of those statements is categorically wrong and would have sent any one of the founding fathers of our country (Christian or otherwise) into passionate-Patrick-Henry-mode. Want to know more? Stay tuned…I hope to blog through these ideas in the next month or so.