What If?

What if “church” actually benefited its participants rather than burdened them?

What if contributing to the local gathering of saints actually helped each family and each individual practically live life more like God intended?

What if we got together and bought one of the homes that has been foreclosed on in our neighborhood? It sure seems like there are some in every block these days. What if neighbors walked to what was truly a “neighborhood church”? What if our “church” mortgage was $800 a month instead of $8000?

What if we spent less on maintaining a massive building, that sucks our money and our time and just hung out with other like-minded people in a local gathering each week? What if we spent some time giving God the worship of our lips, spent some time reading His words to us and discussing them, broke some bread together, and discussed one another’s lives, played some games, danced with our kids to the sound of praise music, sometimes chatted till the wee hours, then walked back home?

What if that local home we bought together in each neighborhood became a “one-room schoolhouse”? What if one or some of the recent school or college grad girls taught our children down the street, using curriculum we approve of and teaching according to goals we agree upon? Or what if each Mom took one day a week as the “school-marm”?

What if we lived close enough to share a lawn mower between 3 families?

What if living out the gospel actually helped the environment, saved money and freed up more for giving to the needy instead of paying down interest, taught our children what we believed rather than what the godless want them to believe, fought greed, kept the cost of living down, fostered neighborhood economics, supported local commerce, and built deep relationships between members of the same local gathering of the Church? Could the Gospel really look like that? Could that have been part of God’s intent for us?

What would happen?

Is it possible that God gave us a societal blueprint that met all those goals? Is it possible that God’s omniscience could have anticipated all the woes of our Western, individualistic, consumer society and formulated a way of life that would have prevented them?

Do you believe in homeschooling (or at least cooperative, small schooling)? Do you believe God actually meant for His people to live in community? Do you believe God really meant for us to progress in Christ-likeness by following the principles He laid out in Scripture? Well…there’s a house for sale next door to me. There’s another one abandoned 3 doors down. There’s a park around the corner, there’s a grocery store around the other corner. I’d love to see what would happen…